J.Crew suede Jamesport bucks

by Andrew W on June 19 2010 · 2 comments

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These suede bucks are currently on sale over at J.Crew for $98. In terms of sizing, they’re pretty much spot on: I bought US 9.5s and they fit great (I’m also a US 9.5 in Converse All-Stars and Clark’s Desert Boots):

UPDATE: Six months later:

Having bought a pair of J.Crew’s suede Jamesport bucks last year, I thought it was about time I gave them a six-month review.

When I first got them I said that, in terms of sizing, they were comparable to a pair of Converse All-Stars or Clarks desert boots. I was wrong. I should have bought a pair half-a-size bigger than normal: when walking in them for long stretches of time the sides of my toes begin to rub against the inside lining, forming blisters. Although I thought the uppers would loosen up slightly after being broken in, this was not to be – they’re as uncomfortable now as they were six months ago.

As for the construction, well, I’ve certainly owned better made shoes. After just a matter of weeks the outsole of the left shoe became partially unstuck from the midsole. As you can see from the photo, it hasn’t exactly fallen to bits, but I’m worried that it will do in the near future. (Saying that, this could be due to a one-off manufacturing glitch: my right shoe has held up fine.)

In short: size up!

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