Seersucker: not just for Southern lawyers and dandies

by Andrew W on August 7 2010 · 1 comment

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In this, our first guest post, ABC Neckties blog editor Michael Carper guides us through some of the more unusual ways to wear that most quintessentially American of summer fabrics: seersucker.

Easter marks the beginning of the seersucker season, when the bold pull out textured cotton suits and jackets for weddings and less formal occasions. For the less daring among us, there are other ways to wear this light, breathable fabric before summer draws to a close. Let’s start at the bottom: your feet.

Shoes and trainers

It’s funny that we don’t see more seersucker espadrilles, since a light, wearable fabric like seersucker seems perfect for light, wearable shoes.

(Buy these from Espadrilles, Etc: $92)

It’s funny that we see these seersucker Nike Air Force 1s at all. Actually, scratch that, I want to see more of them, and apparently so does everyone esle – they’re sold out. However, you can find low top seersucker Air Force 1s on the same site.

(Buy these from Pick Your Shoes: $129.99)

Pants/trousers and shorts

(Buy these from Ralph Lauren Rugby: $39.99)

If you want seersucker but detest stripes these pants from Bloomingdale’s get pretty close. They’re actually a black and light khaki mix, but the lines are so minuscule that they create the illusion of a solid colour.

(Buy these from Bloomingdale’s: $129.50)

I love swim trunks/boxers/shorts that are a little on the short side, so these 5” inseam Polo seersucker swim boxers hit the spot.

(Buy these from Polo Ralph Lauren: $54.99)


This BB seersucker D-ring belt is a great alternative to webbed belts, and at only $17.25 it’s an absolute steal.

(Buy this from Brooks Brothers: $17.25)


These solid colour short-sleeved shirts from Woolrich are only $15.

(Buy them from Woolrich: $15)

If you’re looking for something a little less casual, this long-sleeved shirt from LL Bean might be right up your street. It’s available in a good selection of colours, too.

(Buy this from LL Bean: $34.50)


What better way to top off your seersucker shirt than with a seersucker tie? This beauty from Alexander Olch will cost you a hefty $140, but it might just be worth it.

(Buy this from Alexander Olch: $140)

If you’re on a cheaper budget, try this Brooks Brothers tie. Not as exciting, but easier on the wallet.

(Buy this from Brooks Brothers: $62.50)

Jackets and outerwear

If Deep South summers are a little cool for you (har har), you might want to consider this seersucker jacket. Liking the buttons.

(Buy this from Rogues Gallery: $148.50)

Hats and caps

To top things off (literally), New Era’s Japan site boasts a fine selection of seersucker baseball caps. You’ll be repping the Yankees but paying the Japanese in yen. Too bad they’re not widely available in the US (northeastern stores only).

(Buy them from New Era Japan: $51-$61 [at current yen-dollar exchange rates])

So there you have it. Even if you lack the courage to wear a full seersucker suit, you’ve now got no excuse to neglect this perfect-for-summer fabric. Your body will thank you.

(Michael Carter is the editor of the ABC Neckties blog. Visit his site at

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