Wearing Fair Isle tank tops with suits and jackets

by Andrew W on October 12 2010

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The tank top – or sweater vest, as it is more commonly known in North America – is a practical way of keeping warm during the colder months of the year. Its sleeveless design covers the torso while leaving the arms free, making it the ideal companion for an odd jacket or worsted wool suit.

The tank top is also a good way of adding flair to a plain-looking outfit by means of either colour or pattern, or both. The most common pattern for tanks tops is, without doubt, argyle, but there are many others to choose from. One that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity is the Fair Isle knit.

Fair Isle knits are generally bold in both colour and design. For this reason it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Wear a plain white or blue shirt, plain grey suit (or jacket) and a solid, dark-coloured tie.

The tank top above is a good example of how a simple pattern in shades of one colour can be used effectively. As before, keep your shirt and suit simple. Remember: ties made from wintery fabrics, like cashmere or wool, work well with coarse woollen knitwear.

(Fair Isle tank top by Margaret Howell; grey tank top by United Arrows; suit by Fox Brothers at Margaret Howell; shirt by Beams)

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