November 2010

Alden Indy boot with commando soles

November 28, 2010

Alden’s Indy boot, also known as the 405, usually comes with neo-cork outsoles. But with the unseasonably wintry weather hitting much of northern Europe you might need soles that are a bit more substantial. Enter the Alden Indy in dark brown kudu with Vibram commando soles (model 40513HC). The Kudu’s uppers are heavily oiled to […]

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Don’t forget your (trench) coat

November 25, 2010

If there’s one thing November demands it’s a good coat. I was painfully reminded of this the other day when I foolishly left home without one. Despite it being gloomy rain hadn’t been forecast, and as I rode the train home I was sure that I’d managed to avoid a soaking. I was wrong. As […]

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The beauty of silk knots

November 9, 2010

Most men have at least a couple of double-cuff – also known as French cuff – shirts in their wardrobe, and at least one set of cufflinks to go with them. For some, cufflinks project an air of stuffiness or formality that limits their use to special occasions like weddings, or to management types who […]

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Finding your own style

November 4, 2010

When I was thinking about the most influential male style icons of the past century (as you do), what struck me most was that they had all found a winning style formula, then stuck with it. Two perennial-style favourites of mine are the Duke of Windsor and Gianni Agnelli. While their tastes were quite different […]

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Shawl-collar cardigans: wear them to the office and on weekends

November 3, 2010

At this time of the year the weather often swings between mild and cool, making the task of choosing an outer layer a difficult one. For days when fine-gauge wool sweaters are too thin, and winter jackets too heavy, consider a shawl-collar cardigan. Unlike merino cardigans and sweaters, shawl-collar cardigans are usually knitted from fairly […]

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