The five ties that every man should own

by Andrew W on January 14 2011

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If you’re looking to build a solid collection of ties, try starting with these. They might just be the only ties you’ll ever need:

Navy Silk Knit

The great thing about knitted navy ties is that they go with anything, and because they’re knitted they look slightly more casual than their plain silk brethren.

Grey Wool


My personal favourite, grey wool ties are amazingly versatile cold-weather accessories. They look especially seasonal when paired with a nice cashmere V-neck sweater and tweed jacket.

Repp Stripe


There are hundreds of combinations of stripes and colours to choose from with repp ties. Normally, the stripes of British ties slope down from the wearers left side, while those of American ties slope down from his right. But this is not always the case: the stripes of several British regimental ties, such as 48 Commando and the 1st Royal Dragoons, slope down from the right as well.

You might hear that you should only wear club colours if you belong to that particular club, school or regiment. Nowadays this only really applies in certain contexts: it’s polite to avoid wearing club colours when you think they will offend somebody, but if you live outside Britain this kind of situation is unlikely.

Navy Polka Dot


Yes yes, I know, another navy tie, but you can never have enough of them! The polka dots provide interest and allow for some experimentation with pattern mixing. Try pairing the tie above with a navy suit, blue Bengal stripe shirt and white pocket square (it’s my most-complimented outfit).

Grey Prince of Wales Check


When buying a check tie it’s wise to be conservative with colours and pattern size – too much of either can confuse the eye and distract from the wearer’s face, especially when a number of other patterns and colours are involved in the overall outfit. A Prince of Wales check in grey is an eminently respectable choice.

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